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Extreme 4 (Renegade) – Sumter Speedway

Extreme 4 (Renegade)

Sport Compact Dirt Racing Association 2020 Rules

(EFFECTIVE 1/1/2020)

The rules contained here are those set forth for SCDRA Touring events. Local tracks who choose to adopt these rules may have minor variations but should remain very close to the core and spirit of this rule set. The rules herein offer no implied or expressed presumption or guarantee of safety. Racing is a dangerous sport and should be done so with full knowledge of this fact. Participants should enter events at their own risk and hold harmless SCDRA and KELCAR Motorsports, et al.


– Must be a stock 4-cylinder car.

– No turbo or rotary engines allowed.

– Stock-type fuel injection or stock manufactured carburetor only (Motorcraft, etc…). ONE 0.800″
maximum throttle body spacer may be used. No Holley, Weber or other racing carburetors
allowed. Carbureted cars must be stock for engine.

– Motor must be stock appearing.

– Motor must match brand of car. (ex. Honda must have Honda engine)

– Any air or oil filters. (K&N, etc.)

– Intake must be a stock intake. No Skunk 2, etc.

– No cold air intakes for fuel injections – must be stock type breather system. A flexible rubber or
plastic hose may be used in place of the stock air box tube. No smooth metal or smooth plastic
tubing allowed. A cone type filter is allowed and may be connected directly to throttle body or the
allowed tubes.

– Aftermarket radiators okay. Radiators can be braced for support.

– Aftermarket (racing) headers are allowed and will be subject to claim. Claim is $300 and includes
only the header itself. Claims must be made with the lead tech inspector and must be approved

– Computer may be chipped and/or tuned. A standalone ECU and aftermarket harness are allowed.
Ignition coils must remain OEM however the coil-on-plug kits are allowed.

– The fuel rail should remain stock-type and stock appearing.


– All cars must weigh 2,200 pounds with car and driver after the race.

Exceptions: 50 lb. weight break for HANS or like device.
50 lb. weight break for full containment seat.


– Any front wheel drive car.

– No all-wheel drive cars or all wheel steer cars.

– Must have stock rear and front suspensions as from factory, Slotting of factory mounting holes
allowed. Plating for safety is allowed.

– No racing springs (lowering) or shocks allowed. Springs may be heated, clamped or use spring
rubbers. Springs must be within 2″ of factory installed height.

– Rear control arms should be stock but may be braced / strengthened / repaired. No adjustable
control arms.

– Stock type aftermarket suspension bushings are allowed.

– Stock production cars only.

– Mirrors are allowed.

– Must have a fully welded, quality built MINIMUM 4-point roll cage inside the car with minimum of
0.95″ thick tubing. SCDRA has final say in safety of the cage.

– Minimum 3 driver door bars / 2 side door bars. 6 or more-point cages okay.

– Roll cage may extend forward behind bumpers. Bumpers must be covered in some way with no
exposed sharp corners. Coverage is at officials’ discretion.

– Aftermarket racing wheels allowed – 7 inch maximum. NO BEAD LOCKS.

– Street legal DOT tires required. No drag radials, mud grip lug tires, racing tires or racing recapped
tires allowed. Directional tires are allowed.

– Tires can be mixed and matched for stagger.

– Aftermarket asphalt style nose pieces allowed. Any nose piece used must be conformed to fit at
reasonable and near-factory dimensions.

– 6-inch metal support to extend out behind nosepiece or to hold grill in place allowed.

– No push bars to extend outside of bumpers or beyond nose piece.

– No rub rails allowed on sides of body.

– Some sheet metal will be allowed for repairs. Cars should remain as close to stock appearing as
possible. No more than 1/3 of body can be sheet metal. Adding sheet metal to bodies may result
in a 100 lbs. weight penalty being assessed which will increase by 100 lbs. at each event until

– Gutting of body is allowed however car should maintain reasonable appearance of stock car.

– Driver and front passenger door window openings along with rear and front window openings must
remain open and uncovered. Rear door and/or small rear side windows can be closed or covered.


– RACING (not motorcycle or DOT) helmet, SA 2005 or newer is required.

– Minimum single-layer fire suit required. (SA 3.2A specification recommended)

– Fire proof gloves strongly recommended. (SFI 3.3 specification recommended)

– A 4- or 5- point harness, properly mounted per manufacturer’ specifications, is required. Must
have been manufactured in the last 4 years. Any worn, abraded or torn belts shall be replaced.

– A minimum 5 lb. fire extinguisher is strongly recommended and should be securely mounted
within drivers reach.

– Only racing-type seats, properly mounted per manufacturers’ specifications, are allowed. A full
containment seat is strongly recommended. Cars equipped with full containment seats will receive
a 50 lbs. weight break.

– A head and neck restraint system (SFI 16.1 compliant) is strongly recommended. Drivers using a
head and neck restraint will receive a 50 lbs. weight reduction.

– Racing fuel cells are highly recommended.

– Window nets of some type are MANDATORY.

– An approved firewall must be in place between driver compartment and fuel cells, fuel lines or

– Exhaust pipes must not extend out of any body surface more than 1” and pipe must be blunt and
free of sharp edges.


– SCDRA has final ruling on all questions of legality. A pre-race inspection will be made to ensure
SAFETY only.

– Questions of legality can and will be answered during the pre-race inspection if asked by entrant.

No guarantee of legality shall be expressed or implied during pre-race inspection. Legality will be
determined in POST-race inspection.

– Competitors must present cars for inspection prior to participating in any racing event.

– No two-way radios of any kind allowed .

– RACEceiver or a like device is mandatory at all times on track.

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