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Street Stock – Sumter Speedway

Street Stock

2020 Street Stock Rules

This class is designed for stock street cars only. No factory High Performance vehicles allowed. All items must remain stock unless stated otherwise in rules listed below. And areas not covered in the rules below shall be left up to the discretion of the track official(s). DO NOT ASSUME ANYTHING. WHEN IN DOUBT ASK FIRST. BODIES: 1) Any General Motors made 2 wheel drive cars manufactured from 1965 to date with a minimum factory wheel base of 104 inches. Strut Camaros may run 101″ wheelbase. No vans, jeeps, or convertibles cars.

  1. Ford cars ONLY with a wheel base greater than 108 inches may shorten their wheel base to 108 inches by sectioning the frame behind the transmission cross member. Transmission cross member MUST REMAIN IN STOCK LOCATION. All modifications must be done directly behind transmission cross member.
  2. B) Ford uni-body Thunderbird’s less than 108 inch wheel base are allowed. NO INDEPENDENT REAR SUSPENSION CARS ALLOWED.
  3. C) Chrysler uni-body cars less than 108 inch wheel base are limited to 360 cubic inch engines.

2) No reinforcing, cutting apart, welding or modifications of anything on the vehicle is allowed except as specified. 3) All glass, burnable material and exterior body trim must be removed. 4) Gutting – Hoods, doors, quarters, fenders, trunks inner panels may be removed. Trunk pan may be removed. Wheel openings may be cut for tire clearance. 5) Doors must be fastened closed. 6) Aftermarket front and rear noses allowed. Aftermarket or Fabricated body allowed, must be stock appearing and follow body lines of car used. No flat roofs. Steel or Aluminum allowed. Covers must match body used (GM on GM, Ford on Ford, etc.) May cut hole in hood for air cleaner with a 4.5″ hood scoop. Scoop must not be more than 4″ wider than the air cleaner. Front of air cleaner must be blocked. Spoilers – Maximum blade length 6″; may run side spoilers 6″ height by 12″ long; may have one 4″ spoiler inside car.  7) Tubing bumpers allowed. NO PUSH BARS! 8 ) No sharp bumper ends, loose or sharp body panels. 9) Front and rear hook up chains are MANDATORY. 10) Any body panels or bumpers deemed unsafe will not be allowed to compete until repaired and inspected. 11) A 6 point cage is MANDATORY. One post by each windshield post and two behind the driver with all four connected at the top with a roof hoop. 12) You must have an angle brace running from the upper right corner to the lower left corner behind the driver. 13) The two back bars must run from top left and top right of the roof hoop to the rear of the car. 14) At least one bar from left cage post forward to frame to protect drivers feet and legs. 15) Minimum three door bars on left ( drivers ) side and two on the right ( passenger ) side. 16) Roll cage must be constructed with a minimum of 1 1/2 inch OD .095 roll bar tubing or equivalent. 17) Three inches minimum from top of roll cage to top of drivers head. 18) Bars may run through firewall to front of car. 19) Any pre-existing bomber-6 car is eligible to compete in the street stock division.

20) Johnson Chassis allowed. Firewall must go frame rail to frame rail. Back of car MUST be CLOSED.

SUSPENSION: 1) All suspension, steering parts and pivot points must remain in STOCK location. Tubular uppers allowed with stock mounted ball joint. Extended ball joint allowed. Lower control arms must be STOCK for car used. Upper control arm mounts must be stock for car used. 1/2″ tolerance. Track determines tolerance.  Cars with externally mounted shocks will add 25lbs in front of a frame each side. 2) Racing springs and adjustable cups allowed. Front and rear. 3) Solid bushings allowed; NO OFFSET BUSHINGS. Stock spindles for car used. Spindle savers allowed. Speedway replacement spindles allowed. Part #91034501 (complete as) Part # 91034502 (spindle only) 4) No Sway bars over 1 inch OD allowed. Sway bars may be adjustable on left side. Must be in STOCK location at frame with STOCK type mounts. Sway bar may be removed. 5) Steering column may be removed and replaced with 3/4 inch steering shaft with removable steering wheel. Steering quickeners allowed. 6) Shocks- Any steel body, stock appearing shock. Front shock may be moved up (vertically only) a maximum of 3″ from stock to prevent bottoming out. Rear shocks can be moved. Hiem joints on shocks allowed. No adjustable or revalvable shocks allowed. Front shocks: must be Bilstein non adjustable part #AK1043 only. No alterations. Compatible Pro, AFCO, QA1 are ok. Rear shocks: must be Bilstein non adjustable part #SSR1 only. no alterations. Compatible Pro, AFCO, QA1 are ok.

Shock claim rule any front $80.00 each, any rear $125.00 each. You can claim up to 5 minutes after main event and money is given to tech man. Must be written down in protest area, you buy shock “as is”.

7 ) Rear upper control arms may be adjustable. Rear screwjacks allowed.

REAR ENDS: 1) Ford 9″ allowed , floater ok or may run big 10 bolt GM rear end. 2) Any gear ratio. 3) Rear-ends may be locked. Spools allowed. 4) Must have drive shaft safety loop located no more than 6 inches behind front U-joint. 5) Drive shaft must be painted white. MANDATORY.

BRAKES: 1) Single master cylinders may have residual valve. Dual master cylinders allowed; brake adjusters allowed. Stock steel GM calipers. No aftermarket calipers allowed. 2) Rear disc brakes allowed. No Anti Lock brake systems allowed. 3) Brakes must work on all 4 wheels at all times. 4) Factory brake proportioning valves may be removed. ( Optional )

5) Right Front brake cut off allowed. All components must remain and in working order.

RADIATORS: 1) Radiators must remain in stock location. Factory radiator support may be removed and constructed of roll bar tubing but must remain in STOCK location. 2) Aluminum radiators allowed. Flex fans allowed. Aluminum crankshaft and water pump pulleys allowed.

BATTERIES: 1) Must be mounted securely. No bungee cords. 2) Batteries may be mounted in trunk.

TRANSMISSIONS: 1) Stock 3 – speed automatic transmissions. All gears must work. 2) No power glides allowed. 3) Straight drive ( manual ) 3 or 4 speed transmissions allowed. All gears must work. 4) Minimum weight 30lbs flywheel, clutch disc, pressure plate only. Single disc only.  Pad disc ok

ENGINES: 1) Engine location measured from top bolt in steering box to center of motor mount engines at 16 inches 50lb weight break 2) Steel or solid mounts allowed. 3) Stock type replacement crankshaft okay. (must weigh 50 lbs) No knife edge. Stock type rod, piston, and ring replacements must weigh 1100 grams. No H-Beam rods. No full floating wrist pins. Stroke and rod length must remain STOCK! .015 tolerance on stroke. 4) GM 602 Crate engine okay in all make and model cars. All Crate engines are sealed. No modifications allowed.

PISTONS: 1) Maximum overbore .080 2) Flat top 2 eye brow piston. No lightweight or short skirt pistons allowed.

CAMSHAFTS: 1) Any hydraulic flat-tappet cam. 2) No roller cams, roller rockers or roller tip rockers allowed.

HEADS: 1) Cast iron OEM heads only. No modifications, no 300 hp or closed chamber heads. 350 Vortec heads allowed (no 305′s). Valve cover breathers allowed. Aftermarket PBM head allowed. Part # 176970A/167970A only. Ford small block head, World Product #053030. Dart 165, world product, engine quest stock replacement. 2) No porting, polishing or gasket matching allowed. 3) Stock valve and spring size for head used. Single springs with damper only. Solid steel retainers and locks allowed. Rotating retainers may be removed. 4) Screw in studs, pinned studs and guide plates allowed. 5) Poly locks allowed. 6) Three angle valve job allowed.

INTAKES & CARBURETORS: 1) Stock cast iron 2 or 4 barrel intakes! No marine intakes allowed. 2101 Edelbrock aluminum intake allowed. Number must be on intake.  Equivalent torker II okay 350 VORTEC 2116 intake 350 Early 2101 intake 350 TBI 3706 intake 302 Ford 2121 intake 351 W Ford 3781 intake 351 M Ford 2171 intake 318/360 Chrysler 2176 intake 2)Built motors: Stock type carburetor for car used. 650 Holley list #4777 allowed, No Demons. Choke plate may be removed. Must have air horn. Dual feed allowed. 3) Adapter/spacer allowed. Maximum 1 inch thick; NO TOLERANCE. One gasket per mounting surface; .070″ thickness. 4) Aftermarket air cleaners allowed.


  • Battery fired ignitions only, stock type distributors only.
  • No traction control devices of any kind.

FUEL CELLS: 1) Fuel cells are MANDATORY. Fuel cells must be mounted in trunk area. Bottom of fuel cell cannot be lower than bottom of rear-end housing. 2) Racing fuel allowed.

EXHAUST: 1) Headers OK. 2) Undercarriage Headers OK. 3) Any exhaust exiting side of car cannot exceed 1/2″ past body panel

WHEELS: 1) Steel wheels ONLY! Any offset. Maximum width 8 inches bead to bead. 2) 1/2 inch spacers allowed. One per wheel. 3) Wheel studs may be replaced with 5/8 inch racing studs. 5/8 on right front is MANDATORY. 4) 1 inch OD lug nuts are MANDATORY on all four wheels.

TIRES: 1) Hoosier H500 or American Racer AR500; 8″ Racing tire. 2) NO Prepping allowed. Cutting and grooving okay. NO TIRES ARE TO BE LEFT AT RACE TRACK.

  1. Tire Protest: NO TIRE TREATMENTS ALLOWED!!!  Protest fee: $125 per tire. Tire protest must be paid to the scale official within 5 minutes of the completion of the feature. Samples will be impounded and sent off the following Monday morning. Track will take and handle all samples!

SAFETY: ALL ITEMS LISTED BELOW ARE MANDATORY. 1) Fully charged Fire Extinguisher 2) Racing seat 3) Seat belts – 5 Point racing harness 4) Drivers window net 5) Minimum of 3 vertical bars in front of driver. Bars must be a minimum of 3/8 inches in diameter. 6) Full face Snell approved helmet 7) Fire retardant suit – Must be worn at all times car is on track. Suit must cover arms, legs and body. 8) Hood must be mounted securely with hood pins

WEIGHT 1) Minimum 3200 lbs. Cars will be weighed before heat races and main events. Cars with engines in stock location 3150 lbs. See engine rule. Full containment seat or HANS device, 25lb weight break. 2) All added weight must be painted white and have car number on each weight. 3) Minimum weight for flywheel and clutch with bolts is 32 lbs. Release bearing not included. 4) Added weight must be bolted or welded on. No wire ties or hose clamps. 5) Cars with screw jacks in front with externally mounted shocks must add 50lbs in front of radiator.

6) Engines in stock location (#1 spark plug 2 inches infront of ball joint) will get a 50lb weight break. Must be posted on hood.


Durance Lane cars need to contact track tech before running for provisions.

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