Stock Four

2017 Stock Four


 2017 Monster Mini Stock Association Rules

All cars must have a roll cage that has been approved by the MMSA. All drivers MUST wear a full fire suit (jacket and pants). Gloves, racing shoes and window nets are recommended. All cars MUST have a working Fire extinguisher within the reach of the driver. Driver is not to exit car unless it is on fire or upside down. If driver exit’s car for any other reason is subject to be disqualified. NO TWO WAY RADIO’S, Raceiver only, mirror’s OK. It is also recommended to have a full containment seat or head / neck restraint device. You will be given a 25 lb weight break TOTAL (this is for 1 NOT each). All added weight MUST be secured by ½” bolt and painted white with car # on it.

The official Fuel of the MMSA is VP Racing Fuel: VP 110 or VP 114. Fuel is to be NON OXYGENATED. Buying fuel from the track is allowed but MUST inform Tech that fuel was purchased from track if fuel is checked.

A) Any two or four door foreign or domestic car with a 94-101.5 wheelbase. Wheelbase must match make and model of car.
B) May have a complete aluminum body but must retain stock shape and appearance.
C) Inner panels may be removed.
D) NO FWD or MID Engine Cars
E) Must have floor pan on both sides to rear of front seats.
F) Must have a rear firewall or drivers compartment must be boxed in
G) After market nose piece OK. MD3 nose OK molded fenders must mount flush on top and sides of fenders and no wider than 1 inch outside of tires.
H) May run a 6 inch rear spoiler – can’t go over side of quarter panel – no wider than the width of the car – spill plates OK spill plate- measurements bottom is 16 inches rear 8 inches high 4 inches across the top rear and 4 inches high in the front.
I) Interior spoiler no more than 4 inches high and NO higher than dash.
J) Rear bumpers must NOT extend past the inside of the rear tires unless it has a bumper cover or turns forward (if turned forward must be on a 90° angle NO SHARP CORNERS / EDGES)
K) 68-inch maximum width at ANY point.
L) 38-inch maximum ground to deck (bottom of spoiler).
M) Aluminum ok to close rear of car MUST come down to frame rails (No holes or flaps)
N) May use lexan in rear windows.
O) Must run hood.
P) Breather may stick through hood.
Q) Cold air box ok but air holes in hood only not in firewall
R) May have hole in firewall big enough for the header to pass through (tech discretion if hole is to big).
S) May replace top ¼ of firewall with steel or aluminum (this doesn’t mean the whole firewall) no lower than original master cylinder hole in firewall. No holes above or below the deck. ** Acceptable body infractions will result up to a 50lb weight penalty in the area of the infraction**
** All body infractions are not acceptable tech mans discretion**

  Chassis / Suspension:
A) Must have a roll cage and all safety equipment.
B) Roll cage must be secured to the unibody.
C) NO Tube Chassis Allowed.
D) May tie chassis together by splitting floor pan and put square tubing in from the top and may  stick through floor pan BUT NOT totally underneath.
E) Square / roll cage tubing from strut towers forward is acceptable.
F) May use square tubing or roll cage material from back of shock mounts to rear of car must be straight no angling of material.
G) All A frame and trailing arm’s must be stock and mounted in STOCK location (may cut lower A frame for caster / camber adjustments)
H) May cut Top trailing arm (s) or re drill for pinion angle only.
I) Lowering blocks ok
J) Caster / Camber plates ok
K) Adjustable buckets or Jacking Bolts are ok (Buckets or Jack Bolts may be raised for spring travel)
L) May cut pan hard bar must be NON ADJUSTABLE
M)Mono Balls Allowed
N) Stock Mounted body shocks may have heims (bottom only) may be
O) May adjust shocks for travel but not change the angle of the shock (not mounted to roll cage)
P) Offset in steering rack ok
Q) Bump steer Not Allowed
R) ** $150 buy rule per shock **
S) ** $300 buy rule per strut **

 Brake System:
A) 4 wheel disk brakes permitted must have OEM components
B) Dual master cylinder permitted.
C) 3 wheel brake shut off permitted
D) No adjuster or cut off in reach of the driver.
E) Stock rotors and drums No lightening but may remove caliper and rotor on RF Only (Ford on a Ford Toyota on a Toyota).

Wheels & Tires:
A) Wheels 8” maximum width. Bead locks ok (bead lock must face outward).
B) Hoosier 400’s only (NO GROOVING or SIPPING)
C) No chemicals allowed (see protest)
D) Needling allowed

Rear ends:
A) Any stock up to 8.8 for make of car.
B) No gun drilled axles (may weigh axles to compare if necessary)
C) No full spools
D) Mini spool OK
E) Housing cannot be modified for gear clearance.
F) May lock rear end by weld, mini spool, limited slip (limited slip unit must be stock NO aftermarket units).
G) Cut gears must add 25lbs.
H) If gears are polished must add 20 lbs. (if cut and polished add both penalties)


 Engine option #1 S.C. Stock 4 type weight / lb 2000 lb Minimum. See CC’s weight:

A) Stock engine location – no set backs
B) No engines with more than 2 valves per cylinder
C) Ford in a Ford: Toyota in a Toyota
D) No rotary or turbo or double over head cam engines permitted
E) OEM blocks only .080 over bore max. +. 01 for wear – not to exceed 2500 cc + .08 over bore.
F) Ford may Sleeve a 2300cc block to a 2000cc.
G) Aluminum cam gear or pulley allowed
H) Any Steel connecting rod- no aluminum or titanium
I) NO titanium wrist pins
J) Only Babbitt style bearings Allowed (No roller bearings) coated ok
K) Stock crank with stock stroke + .01 tolerance.
L) NO AFTERMARKET CRANKS (stock lightened crank must add 50 lbs in front of firewall)
M)All engines must use an in-block wet sump oil system.
N) Racing oil pans permitted
O) NO dry sumps allowed
P) Any flat top piston – Toyota 1600 and 1800 may run dome of .235 tall only. (.267 dome must add 50 lbs)
Q) Formula for cc’s- bore X bore X .7854 X stroke X 4 = cid then divide cid into .061 tolerance is .01 for wear.
R) May have E-Vac to header only NO VACUUM PUMPS
S) May run electric water pump
T) May run electric fuel pump
U) Ignition – stock or Mel’s Ignition ONLY (NO BOOSTERS on
Ignition). (No Traction control allowed)
V) Radiator must be mounted in front of engine.

B) OEM may be changed from one size engine to another with out modification.
C) May have competition valve job with any angle or depth must not touch bottom of valve boss.
D) All angles MUST be concentric with valve guide.
E) Any steel valve stock diameter may be undercut stem + .009 tolerance.
F) Valve stem must be stock diameter for year model of head. (No 7 mm valve stem in a Ford)
G) Double valve springs ok must be steel
H) Beehive valve springs ok must be steel
I) Any steel retainer
J) Lifter has to be stock diameter – solid ok

A) OEM only
B) No fuel injection manifolds
C) May modify for carburetor but must be approved before race by MMSA tech.
D) May bore straight down for clearance – NO RADIUS or BLENDING

A) Stock carburetor or Holley 350 cfm (#7448 or 0-80787-1) or Holley 500 cfm #4412 must pass no go gauges.
B) Must have air horn with number.
C) Float bowl must face forward
D) May cut end of screws and have holes in butterflies
E) No thinning of shafts
F) No polishing or grinding
G) Spacer and adapter – any 1” max thickness together – NO
H) 2 gaskets @ .07 thickness maximum each

A) Solid or Hydraulic NO ROLLERS
B) Maximum .425 lift at valve with .025 lash at valve for solid
C) Hydraulic ANY LIFT
D) No swapping of any lobes – must be in stock order
E) No roller or needle bearings stock type only coated ok

 Flywheel & Clutch Assembly:
A) Stock flywheel must weigh 16 lbs
B) Must have stock or stock replacement clutch and pressure plate
D) Only grinding, adding weight or drilled holes to pressure plate for balancing. Drilled hole size is 7/16 diameter max (NOT all the way around pressure plate). If there are holes all the way around pressure plate it WILL be considered lightening.
E) Studs for pressure plate ok (must be a purchased stud, no custom machined studs allowed)
F) Cannot relocate pressure plate bolt hole pattern
G) Scallop flywheel add 50 lbs Transmission:
A) MUST BE STOCK with all working forward and reverse gears.
B) Cannot remove or lighten gears.

A) Minimum of 1 ½” diameter
B) Must be steel
C) Must have a safety loop
D) Must be painted white with number on it.

 Engine Option #2 Ga Rules Cars 2300 Fords Only 2200 lbs.:

 Bottom End:
A) Stock crankshaft NO lightening
B) .060 over bore permitted
C) 5.2 rod only can be aftermarket steel
D) May use racing oil pan
E) No dry sump
F) May be balanced
H) Ignition – Stock or MEL’s Ignition only
I) Radiator must be mounted in front of engine

A) Must be stock for make and model and available on cars from factory
B) Stock 1 piece replacement valve permitted (can be single lock groove). Racing valve springs permitted.
C) Any hydraulic (.455 lift max.) cam permitted. Checked with a solid lifter @ 0 lash.
D) Cam gear permitted
E) Stock cast iron manifold or header permitted
F) Shims under lifter permitted

 Intake Manifold:
A) Stock intake and stock fuel injected (with adapter) permitted. **Note EFI intake used only with GA rules**
B) No sidewinder intakes permitted
C) No porting or polishing

A) 1” spacer or adapter permitted
B) Holley 350 (7448) or 500 (#4412) carb. permitted. No polishing and
porting. Must pass no go gauge.
C) Carburetor float bowl must face forward
D) Holes in butterflies ok

A) Spec Schoenfeild Fords may run # f-234v or # f-235v
B) Spec Schoenfeild Toyota may run # t-168 or stock manifold
C) These headers are the only ones allowed with SC type stock 4 rules.
D) .455 hydraulic head GA stock 4 type rules may run tri-y
E) MMSA tech must approve any .455 hydraulic cars not running a spec header.

 CC Weight’s, Weight Break’s and Penalties:
A) Toyota 2tc & 3tc must weigh 2000 lbs. minimum
B) Ford 2.0 must weigh 2150 lbs. minimum
C) Any other than listed must weigh 1lb per cc
D) HANS / Full Containment Seat –25lbs (1 or the other not for both). This weight break is in effect at all times.
E) Scallop Flywheel +50lbs
F) .267 Dome Toyota Only +50lbs
G) Cut / Lightened Ring Gear +25lbs
H) Polished Ring Gear +20lbs
I) Lightened Crankshaft +50lbs (in front of fire wall)
J) –1lb per lap burn off (main event only)
K) 5lb tolerance at scales.
L) CC’s and all weight breaks / penalties, and weight TOTAL MUST be listed on each side of front fenders or hood. All breaks and penalties should be told to MMSA tech at pre-race inspection for
documentation. If not listed or documented MMSA has the right to DQ after qualifying or main feature.

MMSA will go by the scales that each track provides for everyone. It is the responsibility of each track to provide scales and we have to use what is provided.

 **If You Are Caught Cheating For A Major Violation
such as porting, light crank not claimed, stroked
crankshaft, NOS, anything listed NOT Allowed, or
something without a doubt you knew was cheating you
will be stripped of all points, winnings and banned for
365 days. Minor Offense you will forfeit all points and
winnings for that night and possible race suspension
(MMSA discretion).**


MMSA Owner’s:

 Marc Marcengill (864) 903-2260

Johnny Raines (864) 561-1178

Front Wheel Drive Cars will follow these rules:

Only the modification of items listed in this section may be changed. All others must remain stock. Any alteration not approved by track officials will be considered illegal. All competitors will be required to have in their possession at the track an official manual describing make, year and model of body being used plus stated wheelbase from the factory. Engine specifications are as follows: Cam design, valve sizes, cubic centimeters or cubic inches, bore size and stroke of engine used.

Should a competitor not produce an offical manual to prove legality in the case of a protest, the car will be declared illegal at the discretion of the tech offical(s).

Open to all American and Foreign made 4 cylinder sedan cars and pick-up trucks having factory wheelbase minimum of 90 inches. Sports cars, convertibles or special production high performance vehicles are NOT PERMITED.  No all-wheel steering cars allowed.


1) All body and body parts must be neat in appearance. Cars with missing or heavily damaged parts will not be able to compete until properly repaired.

2) Stock bodies, aftermarket and homemade bodies allowed.  Must have either stock or aftermarket front nose covers.  Must have a rear bumper. Rear of car or truck must be closed.Aluminum panels allowed.

3) All glass, lights, burnable material and exterior trim must be removed. Tailgates must be on trucks and must be securely fastened in closed position. Tailgate must be equal to bed sides in height. Fabricated bed sides must be a minimum of 15 inches above top of frame rails.

4) No tilting of tailgates. Bed covers allowed. May be covered with aluminum.

5) Maximum spoiler height 5 inches of upright material, lenght may not extend past body sides. 2 spoiler ends allowed. Maximum height 6 inches, maximum overall lenght 12 inches.

6) Wheel openings may be cut for tire clearence. Inner fenders may be removed.

7) Stock hoods and trunks may be altered to fit aftermarket nose pieces.

8) Dash is optional. Boxed interior allowed.

9) Floorboards – front and behind seat must be complete from side to side of body and sealed. Floor panels that are rusted out or damaged beyond repair may be replaced with a a minimum of 20 gauge steel. No Aluminum! Floorboard must remain in manufacturer’s original position. Car cannot be tunneled. Floorboard on right side of driver may be notched to raise exhaust pipe above floor pan, but must be completly covered for safety reasons.

10) Firewall must be stock and in original location. Firewall must be complete and from side to sideand must seal driver compartment from engine compartment. Rear firewall must seal fuel cell and battery from driver compartment. Rear firewall may be constucted of Aluminum with a minimum thickness of .040″. Fuel cells are MANDATORY and mounted securely.

11) Hook up chains MANDATORY front and rear outside of bumper covers.

12) Lexan front visor maximum of 6 inches from top of windshield opening allowed.

13) Lexan door glass permitted, but not to exceed 16 inches in length at bottom door edge.

14) All cars must have a minimum of 3 bars mounted in front of driver with a minimum thickness of 3/8″ and securely mounted. MANDATORY!

15) Ground effects and/or skirts allowed.


1) Framework must be listed as standard production for body used. Framework must be in standard location for body used. No offsets permitted ! Support for rear unibody framework ONLY may be used to extend either over or under axle from rear of unibody to rear of car, but should in no way effect suspension joints or movement.

2) Suspension must be made of same design as originally manufactured. Suspension joints may be reinforced, but no change in location or operation.

3) Front Suspension – Solid bushings allowed. No offset bushings. Camber plates allowed.

4) Rear Suspension – Pivot points must remain stock and in stock location. NO MODIFICATIONS !

5) Control arms on straight axle rearendsmust be OEM for car used. Solid bushings allowed. No offsets bushings!

6) Independent Suspension – Lower control arms may be altered to achieve “0” Camber on rear wheels. Plus or minus 1 degree tolerance from 0 allowed. NO MODIFICATIONS TO PIVOT POINTS ALLOWED!

7) Stock type shocks and struts ONLY! NO adjustable racing shocks or struts allowed. Shocks must be in stock location! NO MODIFICATIONS.

8) Adjustable cups allowed on front and rear. May be located on top or bottom of springs. Lowering blocks allowed on rear.

9) Cars manufactured with coil spring suspension must remain coil spring. Same for leaf spring cars.

10) No screw jacks allowed.


1) Differential and/or housing must match manufacture of car used.

2) Transmission must be OEM for car used. Gear boxes must have all forward and reverse gears in working order.

3) Transmission and rearend: any ratio.

4) Rearend may be locked. Spools allowed.

5) Driveshaft must have safety loop. Drive shaft must be painted white.

6) Flywheel, clutch disc, pressure plate and bolts must weigh 1.25 pounds per 100 cc’s. Release bearing will not be weighed. No aluminum or trick type flywheel or pressure plate allowed. No drilling of flywheel. Single full clutch disc only. Flywheel and pressure plate bolt pattern must match.


1) Dual overhead cams allowed.

2) Engine must be standard production, 4 cylinder from manufacturer of car / truck being used. No crossing of manufacturer lines. No special, limited production or high performance engine or parts may be used, except where allowed in rules. No rotary engines allowed!

3) Head must match block used. 3 angle valve job allowed. No cutting below seat area. No enshrouding in combustion chamber. Stock replacement stainless steel valves permitted. Flat milling allowed. Screw in studs allowed.

4) All engines must be in stock location.

5) Stroke must match block used, .011 inch tolerance.

6) Bore and stroke must agree as manufacturer of engine intended. Maximum overbore .060 inches with .015 allowance for wear.

7) Reduction pulley on crankshaft allowed.

8) Camshafts – Solid or hydraulic. Stock rocker arms for engine used. No roller cam shafts allowed.

9) Degree pulleys allowed.

10) Valve size must be standard for engine, plus .009 inches tolerance.

11) Standard production cylinder head. Head must match block used. Hydraulic heads may be converted to solid.

12) No porting or polishing allowed. No gasket matching.

13) Intake must be stock for engine used. No modifications. Adapter and gasket maximum thickness 1.25 inches, No tolerance.

14) Any steel rods.

15) Crankshaft: stock only. No aftermarket. May be balanced, stock stroke only. No lightening, no knife edging. Rods: any steel. No titanium. May be reworked.

16) Pistons – Any flat top, No cutting, milling or modifying pistons allowed.

17) Any fan or radiator.

18) Headers allowed.

19) Single 2 barrel carburetor only. Motorcraft, Rochester or STOCK replacement Weber allowed. Holley 350 cfm w/ air horn and list number.

20) Fuel Injection systems – Factory fuel injection for car / engine used. Must remain STOCK. Aftermarket Injectors allowed. No adjustable fuel pressure regulators.

21) No super charger, turbo charger, nitrous or boost device permitted.

22) One ( 1 ) fuel pump only. No fuel lines in drivers compartment. Electric pumps must be wired through oil pressure switch.

23) Gasoline for fuel only.

24) Stock Ignition. No modifications allowed. May lock advance mechanism.


1) Car must have all four wheel brakes in good working order at all times. No adjustable valves or pedals, stock or otherwise. No line restricting device or any other aftermarket parts will be allowed. Four wheel factory disc allowed.


1) Minimum weight is 2200lbs for any car. This is a trail basis and may be changed at any time if determined necessary by track officials.  

2) Track reserves the right to add weight or restrictor plates to any car to keep class competitive. Weight placement determined by track.

3) Tube chassis cars must weigh 2500lbs.


1) Steel wheels only. Maximum wheel width 8 inches. Any offset. Large studs recommended.

2) Wheel spacers allowed. Maximum thickness 1/2 inch. One per wheel.

3) Hoosier 400’s.

4) No treating or prepping tires.


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